100 Artists See Satan

Absolute Tattoo

"100 artists showcase their conceptions of the world's all-time favourite bad boy, Satan, in this subversive response to the popular travelling exhibit |100 Artists See God'|. As the popularity of angels arises, so does their oversaturation in the art world. This is a tongue-in-cheek balancing of the cultural phenomena of angels: 100 devilish works of art, sincere, irreverent, and parodic.

Features the art of Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Don Ed Hardy, Sandow Birk, Shag, Frank Kozik, Ed Ruscha, Rick Griffin, The Pizz, Alex Gray, Dan Clowes, and R. Crumb, just to name a few."


128 pages, soft cover.

Last Gasp Books (Out Of Print)

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