After the Laughter: The 2nd Book of Herakut

Gingko Press

Since The Perfect Merge was published in 2008, the prolific street art duo Herakut has risen to the spotlight in the international art world. Herakut - After the Laughter takes an intimate view at the individuals behind the impressive pieces, as well as their dynamic as a team, their interior styles, and their place within the art world. Designed as a scrapbook by Hera and Akut, the title features all new murals, works on canvas, and sketches. The book is collaged with images in different mediums and includes revealing photographs of the duo. All elements are woven into a multilayered, poetic reflection on art and its place in the world, with a range of freeform ideas penned artfully on the book pages in Herakuts signature lettering. Masking tape edges and crossed out pencil confessions add to the personal, forthright style an open invitation into the frenzied minds and rapid-fire hands of a unique artistic team.
Hardback. 240 Colour Pages.

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