Forever: The New Tattoo


Design museum presents to you ‘Forever’ a book that explores how today’s tattoo culture is strongly influenced by art, fashion, and contemporary visual culture as well as traditional tattoo art—often in surprising ways. 

Although tattoos are quite in the mainstream these days, there are still a few tattooers who like to move against the grain and push the limits of their art.

Like a personal guide into the uncharted realm of the ‘‘new tattoo underground’’, Gestalten’s ‘Fovever: The New Tattoo’ is an impressive hardcover that features the rule-defying and avant-garde artwork of contemporary tattooers.

Filled with awe-inspiring (and sometimes hard-to-believe) tattoo designs, as well as the stories and statements of some of the world’s most prominent tattoo artists, ‘Forever: The New Tattoo’ follows an honest and genuine approach to contemporary tattoo and the extraordinary people behind this time-honoured art form. 

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