Mors Pretiosa: Italian Religious Ossuaries

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The term 'ossuary' usually evokes an impression of gloomy coldness, but the three places in this book are very different. Thick with the sensation of mortality and vanitas, these ossuaries embody the memento mori and at the same time represent shining examples of macabre art. These are Italy's most important religious ossuaries, in which bones have been used with decorative ends: the Capuchin Crypt and Santa Maria dell'Orazione e Morte in Rome, and San Bernardino alle Ossa in Milan. This is the third book of the Bizzarro Bazar series, edited by Ivan Cenzi. The series conveys to the reader the same sense of astonishment and delight that can be experienced when entering a Wunderkammer. With amazing images by Carlo Vannini, one of the most recognised art photographers in Italy.

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